Call Bomber Apk Download (Latest Version 22)

call Bomber

Do you love playing pranks on your friends? Do you like fooling people easily and making fun of their weaknesses? Then call Bomber Apk Download (Latest Version 22) can be a suitable app for you to prank anyone.

What is Call Bomber APK?

The Call Bomber APK offers several options for configuring its interface and settings, which allow you to personalize its appearance according to your preferences. You can also choose which number of contacts you want to be able to call at once (up to five), which will affect how many minutes they need before they are connected with each other and how long they stay in touch with each other before disconnecting again (up

You don’t need to pay any extra charges when you call someone by using this app because it has many features like;

  • Unlimited Numbers
  • Send and Receive Texts
  • Call Back from Any Number
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voice Mail

What is Call Bombing?

Call Bombing is a prank that involves sending unlimited calls to a particular phone number. This is usually done for a prank purpose, but it can also be used to harass or threaten someone.

The person who initiates this call will generally create a fake caller ID number that looks similar to that of the target’s phone number. The person will then call the target’s phone and leave a message saying something like “Your Internet connection has been disconnected,” “You have been hacked,” or simply “I love you.”

This app is made for entertainment purposes only and we will not be responsible for any damages:

APK Information:

NameCall Bomber APK
Size6.5 MB
Developed ByCallBomber

Download Call Bomber APK

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Download Link: Download Call Bomber APK:


  • Shoot Unlimited calls to any phone figures.
  • Support transnational figures.
  • shoot Unlimited Sms to any phone figures.
  • Great stoner Interface.
  • Support Number Protection. ( cover your number from bombing)
  • Small in size.
  • And numerous further.

How to Install Call Bomber APK on your Android Device?

  • Downloadcallbomber.apk from the below link.
  • Go to Settings> Security> Unknown coffers and turn it ON.
  • Head over to the train director> Download brochure and valve on the APK train to install it typically.
  • Open Call Bomber and call your friend.
  • There’s an option of limit you can set the limit of your own choice.
  • Click on lemon button and it’ll start bombing on that number.
  • Enjoy!

About Call Bomber Apk

Call Bomber is a very nice program to annoy your friends, family, or others with unlimited missed calls and real calls. The App is a dialer that allows you to send real people on the phone of your friends and relatives. You can also call them at any time, day and night, even if you do not have money for the call.

This is the official version of Call Bomber, with many features, such as

  • Unlimited missed calls.
  •  Unlimited real calls.
  • Anti-ban system with backup.
  • Simple and intuitive interface for easy use.

How to use Call Bomber Apk?

To use Call Bomb, you need to open this app on your phone, then follow the step-by-step instructions and open it.

  • Download Call Bomber Apk
  • Open the download file
  • Tap on the link download and wait for a few moments
  • When the download is finished, go to your app drawer and search for call apps
  • When you find it, long press on the app and then open it
  • Click on “Settings” and change the language from English (US) to English (UK). You can also change your phone’s time zone if you want to

Call Bomber Shelter

With this feature, you can call your friends and loved ones for free from anywhere in the world, even if they’re offline. It’s perfect for when you’re traveling and want to catch up with a friend who’s been offline for a while or if you need a ride somewhere.

  • Open the app and select Call Bomber” from the menu;
  • Select a list of nearby bombers you want to call with;
  • Hit “Connect” and wait for an available bomber;
  • Once connected, start chatting with your new BOMBER friend!
  • Another feature (currently in beta) and recently added by JungApp is Call Bomber.

How can I avoid a missed call

Call Bomber is also useful for people unfamiliar with such apps. If someone is teasing or annoying you with such apps, you can ask them to block such missed calls by blocking the great app.

If you’re tired of getting unwanted calls from unknown numbers, you can use the Call Blocking feature. This feature allows you to stop receiving calls from specific numbers and even block calls from specific countries.

If an app has been blocked as a result of your call settings, it will be shown with a warning icon in the Android notification bar. You can clear this notification by tapping it twice.


This app has been developed to fulfill all your queries about this app. Download this. amazing app for Android and PC now and enjoy it with friends. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and if you have any queries regarding Call Bomber Apk then do leave a comment below so that we can answer them for you. Thank You!

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