Why You Should Insulate Your Bee Hive

honey bee cozy winter bee hive wraps for sale

Notions have lived in well-insulated natural depressions thousands of times. honey bee cozy winter bee hive wraps for sale. we’ve created a separating result that’s as close as possible to what the notions experience in nature when living inside a concave tree.

After seeing the massive losses over the last several.Layoffs each over the country we were determined to find a result and give notions a chance to make it over the downtime. In the process of trying to understand what was passing and with numerous days of exploration, talking to experts about sequestration, breath-capability, moisture,

 and condensation, we discovered some veritably important generalities about weatherization. After several prototypes, testing, and also more prototypes, we now have in the product a veritably effective winterizing result to cover your notions, the “ Beehive Cozy Cover ”. In creating the Cozy Cover we sought to understand the notions in the environment of their original nest quadrangle, the tree.

What Is Important Is That You Act On Behalf Of Your Bees Now.

Still, this composition should be it, If you only read one thing this fall about overwintering your notions. Winterizing Beehives Research composition. We’ve put a huge quantum of energy into understanding what happened to thousands of beehives across the US over the once several layoffs and we’ve come up with a result.

What I am saying is “ act now ”, understand the problem, and use this result so your notions make it. The whole vicinity hive movement to help the notions is in jeopardy of hugely failing in just many times if we realize too late what’s passing and do not have a tested result. Sorry to sound so alarmist, but the climate events occasionally nominated Polar Vortex or Flash Freezes are killing freak colonies and we can do commodity about it.

Choose Your Wool Zone

Wool Options:

1 layer = R7.5 =  Zone 8

2 layers = R15 =  Zone 7

3 layers = R22 =  Zone 5-6

4 layers = R29 =  Zone 3-4

If you’re looking for an additional layer of warmth, consider adding wool to your insulation panels.

Wool is a natural insulator, helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is also fire retardant, which means it will stop any type of flame from spreading through your home.

Simpil And Easy

The cozy cover is made from 100% cotton and is a great way to keep your bees warm during cold weather months. It’s easy to install and fits over any size inner lid.

The beehive cozy cover is designed to fit most top bars, Langstroth hives, and Cathedral hives with ease. It also fits over the inner lid of your Topbar Hive with ease.

Bungee The Cozy

The Bungee The Cozy is a simple, elegant solution to keeping your honey bees safe from the elements. The Bungee The Cozy is a simple, elegant solution to keeping your honey bees safe from the elements.

This easy-to-install cover for your hive lets you keep the rain out and protect your bees from the hot afternoon sun. It also keeps the wind out, which helps keep down varroa mites and other pests.

Fits Langstroth Hives

The cozy cover hall safely protects two deep mediums in winter.

Watertight Canvas

Wind Flap Installation Instructions:

  • Lay out a flat work surface in a well-ventilated area so that you can work on your project without getting too hot or bothered by flies.
  • Remove any existing roof vents with screws or nails if they are located near where you plan to place your wind flap system in your roof (the vent will be located on top of this area).
  • Measure and mark out where you want your wind flap system to go (this should be 1″ larger than what you measured). Use a level ruler to make sure that it’s straight before proceeding with cutting out any excess material (you may need some extra material when installing these components).

Why Breathable Canvas?

A breathable canvas cover will also help to keep your bees warm in the wintertime. A good quality canvas will have a high thread count which means that it is more likely to keep out air drafts and cold air. This will allow your bees to breathe easier, which will help them stay healthy during colder weather. If you live in an area with cold winters, you may want to consider putting your hive under an overhang or a shed so that they have shelter from the wind and snow.

How Do The Bees Make Cleansing Flights When The Bee Hive Cozy Cover Is On?

When the hive is covered with the Bee Hive Cozy Cover, the entrance is still open but there is no way for them to get out. They just walk out on the landing board and launch out into the sky. honey bee cozy winter bee hive wraps for sale


If you bought bees this spring, they probably survived the winter. If they weren’t found dead in your shed (or underground if you had deep foundations) they are probably just fine and should be doing well. You probably spent a lot more money on them than the average American, so we suggest insuring them for next year to avoid coming back out of necessity when it’s getting colder at night and/or you have to go back out to put new feed in your hive before Spring arrives.

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