The Ultimate List of Sports Unicorns

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Unicorns are fabulous brutes. unicorn sports Or are they? A lately discovered reactionary indicated the defunct” Siberian unicorn” may have actually lived among humans back in the day.

Using their Siberian buddy as a reference, sports unicorns are defined then as incredibly rare, but not insolvable feats. Then,” incredibly rare” means there have been five or smaller proved cases of an event,e.g. MLB’s 40- 40 club. There is no discourteousness to perfect games and unassisted triadic plays, but more than five of each have passed in baseball’s history. Also, take note, zero is smaller than five, and thus, some of these cases have yet to pass.

Honorable Mention: Knocking the Cover off a Baseball

Knocking the cover of a baseball gets an honorable citation because, well, why would anyone want to achieve this? And yet, for all those Sandlot suckers out there, it’s one of those oddball sports circumstances that seems insolvable but isn’t.

This has happed a sprinkle of times in real life. Milwaukee Spirits catcher Martin Maldonado did it in 2014, and Pittsburgh rovers outfielder Andrew McCutchen followed suit in 2015.unicorn sports

Coming Back from an 0-3 Postseason Hole

Coming back from an 0- 3 hole in a seven-game postseason series is nearly insolvable, but it has been done, five times to be exact.unicorn sports

The Boston Red Sox famously came to the first MLB platoon to negotiate this feat when they stormed back to take the 2004 American League Championship Series from their rival New York Yankees.

The NHL is home to the other four cases the Toronto Maple Leafs over the Detroit Red bodies in 1942, the New York Islanders over the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1975, the Philadelphia pamphlets over the Boston Bruins in 2010, and the Los Angeles lords over the San Jose harpies in 2014.

Calendar Year Grand Slam

In 2015, the sports world watched as Serena Williams nearly completed a timetabled time Grand Slam and Jordan Spieth got half in golf.unicorn sports

According to Lily Rothman of Time, only five mates tennis players have won all four Grand Slams in the same timetable time, and Rod Laver did it on two occasions, in 1962 and 1969.

In golf, the feat is indeed rarer and has noway happened in an ultramodern sense, meaning achieving palm in the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship. According to Victor Mather of the New York Times, only seven golfers have gotten as far as winning the Masters andU.S. Open.

Tiger Woods held all four major titles at one time, but that achievement was gauged between 2000 and 2001. Bobby Jones won four titles in 1930, but two of those events were in the amateur order.

Quadruple Double

A quadruple-double is like the lately discovered unicorn reactionary. It surely exists, but it’s rare. Only four players in NBA history have achieved it David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon( who had two), Alvin Robertson, and Nate Thurmond.

Robinson’s 1994 line of 34 points, 10 assists, 10 rebounds, and 10 blocks in a game was the last time it happen. Michael Carter- Williams, also with the Philadelphia 76ers, came near in 2013, putting up 22 points, 12 assists, and grabbing seven rebounds and nine steals in his first-ever NBA game. Still, what’s a quintuple double? According to Shane Ryan of Grantland, it has no way to happen If a quadruple-double is a unicorn.

80-Point NBA Game

Hall of Fame center Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in an NBA game in 1962.

Chamberlain scored 70 or further points six times in his career, but only four other players joined him in that achievement David Thompson( 73 in 1978), Elgin Baylor( 71 in 1960), David Robinson( 71 in 1994), and Kobe Bryant( 81 in 2006).

In 2012, council sophomore Jack Taylor scored 138 points in a Division III game — emotional, but no NBA.

In February, Kevin wrote several current players( Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant) feel like presumptive contenders to achieve the feat. Time will tell.

Undefeated NFL Season

The 2007 New England Loyalists went 16- 0 in the regular season but failed to win the Super Bowl. Only one platoon in the NFL’s history has won every game en route to a title the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

The regular season was just 14 games long back also, but still, the fact remains. Because of the Dolphins, suckers know a perfect NFL season is possible. Every so frequently, a platoon flirts with the achievement — lately, the 2015 Carolina cougars — but all have come up short.

An undefeated NFL season might noway be again, but this unicorn seems far more likely than some other effects on this list.

400 NBA Threes

Before the 2015-16 NBA season, draining 300 threes at the time would have qualified as a unicorn (and still does, really).

Also, Golden State soldiers guard Stephen Curry went out, sinking 402 threes on the time on 45 percent firing from behind the bow.

As the professional game continues to evolve, who knows how likely 300 is to do again? But man, another 400? That seems as insolvable as it did before Curry went and did it.

Striking out Every Batter

There have been 23 perfect games in MLB history, and the most strikeouts ever recorded in a single game have been 20( done doubly by Roger Clemens and formerly by Kerry Wood).

Is it possible to strike out 27 batters en route to a perfect game? It seems, well insolvable. still, consider this.

Ron Necciai struck out 27 batters in a nine-inning minor league game in 1952. In 2014, high schooler Mike Delio struck out each of the 21 batters he faced in a seven-inning game.

Will this ever be in the majors? It seems largely doubtful, stress on the largely. ( In fact, if this ever happens, it’ll be a phenomenon of grand proportions.) Still, it has happed in lower situations. And much like unicorns, it’s delightful to dream about.


In March, Mike Benzie reported the longest vindicated perfect band to start the event passed in 2015 when someone chose the first 34 games rightly. According to Bialik, one Yahoo type got 58 of 63 games correct in 2007.

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